Slapdash Dry Pomade (case)


Slapdash Dry Pomade (case)


(adj. slap-dash. hasty and careless).

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12 per case  · $11 per jar (Suggested retail $22-$24) 

Our original pomade that broke all the rules. Slapdash is a ‘dry pomade’ that’s the be all/does all of hair cremes. It has a strong hold, lots of texture but never feels heavy. It gives hair 'meat', has a matte finish and is perfect for the ‘I woke up this way’ look. It’s also perfect for bringing out volume or taking it away, flattening curls or making them pop, for making your hair look thick and unruly or to tame it. Really, it does it all. We’re very proud of it.

Pro Tips

There is no fragrance added to Slapdash. The slight medicinal scent is a byproduct of the ingredients and goes away once applied to hair. Slapdash has a very matte finish, a strong hold and lot's of texture. It goes on heavy yet behaves like a light product because it leaves hair feeling clean, not sticky, never oily

Directions: Use a small amount on wet or dry hair, then push your hair into place.

Hint: On dry hair, take it easy: two light coats are better then one.

Dames: When blow-dried into long hair this is a great anti humectant.