Handmade Pocket Comb (case)


Handmade Pocket Comb (case)


 (n. a toothed device used for disentangling or arranging hair)

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Professional / Trade Case Quantity Discount
12 per case · $7.50 per comb (Suggested retail $14-16) 

There’s nothing like a good comb. It can become one of those prized possessions like your favorite walking stick, a wrench, or pocket knife. You may not always need one, but when you do, it’s nice to have it. We scoured the planet searching for the best, and we believe we’ve found it. Handmade in Switzerland, our combs are the epitome of luxury, work better then any other combs we know of, and are heirloom quality. 

Directions: Start with the ends, then the middle, and finally the roots. Use before, and perhaps after, you apply your favorite styling product.

Hint: Rinse your comb after every use (just like your toothbrush).

Dames: If you find one of these combs in your man's or woman's possession, steal it. You'll be glad you did.