Hackle & Bracer Shampoo and Conditioner - 6 oz. (case)


Hackle & Bracer Shampoo and Conditioner - 6 oz. (case)


(v. hack-le, brey-ser. slang. shampoo, conditioner)

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Professional / Trade Case Quantity Discount
12 per case · $8.50 per bottle (Suggested retail $16-$17)

We’re really excited about this one. For twenty-five years we were told that if you have a shampoo and conditioner in one, it’s not a very good shampoo and it’s not a very good conditioner. Well, we beg to differ. Hackle & Bracer will not only clean your hair and scalp, it will nourish your hair and leave it tangle-free without weighing it down. Plus it’s all in one bottle, that happens to look like a hip flask. We’re so excited about it we put it in two sized bottles: individual and family size.

*actual product supplied in a plastic liquor bottle. We've found, painfully, that glass is too dangerous in the shower.

Directions: Work through wet hair, rinse. You're done. If you’re really dirty, do it again.

Hint: All of our products, including Hackle & Bracer, are very concentrated. If you use less, they last longer.

Dames: Worried that anything having the word "conditioner" will weigh your hair down? This won't. Promise.