Draggle Wet Pomade (case)


Draggle Wet Pomade (case)


(v. drag-gel. to make wet and dirty)

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12 per case  · $11 per jar (Suggested retail $22-$24) 

Draggle, our wet pomade, is a new take on the traditional pomades but without the greasy pillow cases. Instead of petroleum as its base it uses shea butter, which is good for hair. It has a medium hold and shine and is great for the combed, old-school look. If you’re lucky enough to have someone run their hands through your hair, they won't leave with more than they came with and may even say, “Wow, your hair is so soft”.

Pro Tips

Because of it's softening qualities, Draggle is great for coarse, unruly hair. It gives curly hair a slightly thatchy look. It's also an alternative to sticky root-lift products. Fragrance free.

Directions: Apply to wet or dry hair and comb into place. 

Hint: Take a moment to really emulsify into your hands before you apply to your hair. If using on wet hair, once your style dries you can comb through it and look like your’e ‘wearing nothing but still behaving’.

Dames: When applied to the roots of long, dried hair it gives a ropey, lived in look. Very cool.