Boost Leave-in Conditioner (case)


Boost Leave-in Conditioner (case)


(v. boost. slang. conditioner. to lift or raise by pushing from behind or below)

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Professional / Trade Case Quantity Discount
12 per case · $11 per bottle (Suggested retail $22-$24) 

Boost is a leave in (or rinse out) hair conditioner. It’s nourishing to the hair and would be an everyday conditioner in the shower. As a styling aid, it offers a light hold and shine and is great for anyone who just needs a ‘little bit of something’ to make their hair behave. It works well for blowdrying to tame the frizz. It’s also a great ‘mixer’ to soften any of our other products.

Directions: Use it in the shower after shampooing and rinse out. Or, apply a few pumps to your towel dried hair and style as usual. Or, apply 1-2 pumps to either Slapdash or Draggle to soften their properties, then style as usual.

Hint: Boost works great to 'reactivate' other styling products already in your hair. By itself, it's a light hairdressing, which may be all you need.

Dames: This is a frizz tamer and is anti static. It's also a great blowdrying lotion to get straight, shiny hair.