Privacy is something we hold dear to our hearts. We won't collect and save any of your information except perhaps your mailing address, your name, your email address and what you ordered (in case we want to send you a thank you card). And under no circumstances will we share this information, unless it's a matter of national security (and then only maybe). If you're not okay with this, send us a note and we'll promptly discard any information we've kept about you.

We use Squarespace as our web host and perhaps they have their own privacy policy: check them out if you're concerned. Also check out Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or whoever else you may have used to pay for your order - they probably have their own privacy policies as well: it can get so complicated. 

Rest assured we're not going to sell your information, nor are we going to bombard you with annoying emails. Your'e the boss, and we respect that.